Let's find your dream job. Click on the picture for details on each step.

Let’s consider your career ambitions by understanding what your job goals are. Take the opportunity to think about what you want to do. What do you love doing and what do you want to avoid? This is an exciting start as you are visualising your goals and bringing inspiration into your job search.

We now need to create a great CV that gets you that dream job. Prospective employers like to see a CV that is succinct, displaying all the information in an easy-to-follow template. We have lots of tips and advice on creating a CV that makes your application stand out. We also have downloadable templates so you can pick the design you like to produce a winning CV.

Start advertising your skills. We have templates for speculative applications, formal covering letters as well as phone conversation guides to approach the people you need to reach. These communications can be as important as you CV and this step gives you great templates which will get your foot in the door first.

This sections has hundreds of links to company career pages and graduate programmes. We have also included links to national and regional agencies, industry professional bodies and online job sites. We update and improve these every month so there will always be something new and exciting to view.

All you need to know to be successful at selection stage. We have top tips for interviews, assessment centres, presentations and telephone interviews. Go into those meetings with the confidence to know that you have prepared well and have an understanding of how to perform at your best. Use these simple guides to be ready for any selection process.

Job offers may be made up of various elements: pay, hours, holidays, pension, bonus and flexible benefits that all have a value attached to them. In this step, remuneration is broken down into understandable parts, clarifying what each area means and how you should negotiate.